Bacti-cinerator Sterilizer BK1STE12-825

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Features :


Based on the principle of electronic infrared, the products are widely used in the sterilization of inoculation needles, completely replacing alcohol lamps.
The temperature inside the heating hole can reach 800°C or above, sterilization takes only 5-7 seconds and sterilization is thorough. The product can be used in an anaerobic chamber.
Small volume, light weight, appearance and easy to clean. Heating body can adjust angle, easy operation.
Organic substances in the ceramic funnel pipe depths ashing prevent infectious spatter and cross contamination.
Precise temperature control technology, avoid the heating components work overload, long life.

Specifications :

Center Max. Temp 825°C±50°C
Low Level Temp. 480°C
Heating Speed 20min(to max. Temp.)
Max. Sterilize Diameter Φ14mm
Heating Element Length 140mm
Adjustable Angle 75°~120°
Voltage AC 220V/AC 110V, 50/60Hz
Power 230W
Fuse 250V,2A/3A, Φ5×20
Dimension W.87xD.151xH.160mm
Net Weight 1kgs

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Bacti-cinerator Sterilizer BK1STE12-825

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