Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments AQ7050

Features :

  • The equipment is designed with in-situ measurement and silent energy saving.
  • Simultaneous completion of sampling and measurement.
  • Dynamic heating to reduce the loss of volatile particulate matter.
  • Automatic elimination of interference from radioactive substances in the ambient air.
  • Accurate measurement, intuitive reading, low working noise, low energy consumption, wide range of applications.

Specifications :

Product Name Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments
Test Item TSP,PM10,PM2.5
Test principles Beta Ray Attenuation Method
Range (0-1000,0-10000) μg/m³
Minimum Uisplay Unit 0.1μg/m³
Sampling Flow Rate 16.67L/min
Detection Limit 2μg/m³
Zero Drift ±2%FS
Measurement Period 30-360min
Displays LCD
Power AC220V/50Hz
Ambient temperature accuracy ±2℃
Light source C14(100uCi)

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