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Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer FM-ATS-A100


  •   A fully automated tissue slide stainer with intelligent water inlet and outlet control system
  •   14 cups with 1200 ml capacity of each, can process 72 slides simultaneously
  •   0 to 59 min of processing time and 0 to 59 s of dripping time
  •   Automatic drying function and intelligent control of hot air system
  •   Leaching function, ensures high quality of dyeing
  •   Ergonomic design with 5.5-inch LCD touch screen, easy operation and monitoring
  •   Self-checking function and customizable dyeing treatment method
  •   Adjustable tank surface drainage time, prevents liquid leakage and prolongs reagent time
  •   8 programs storage capacity and 24 programmable orders, reliable results
  •   Real-time display of working parameters, convenient monitoring
  •   Environmentally friendly external exhaust air purification system
  •   Wrong function reminder along with automatic handling of abnormal situation
  •   Highly-efficient, stable and reliable unit with convenient operation


Cup number 14 (station 1 for drying & station 8 for washing)
Cup capacity 1200 ml
Cup processing time 0 to 59 min
No. of slides processed 72 slides
Dripping time 0 to 50 s
Display 5.5-inch LCD touch screen
Purification system External exhaust air purification system
Drying function Automatic
Dyeing treatment method Custom
Programmable order 24
Storage 8 sets
Reminder system Wrong function
Power supply AC 220/110 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
Power ≤ 1000 W
Dimension (W×D×H) 1200×480×450 mm
Packaging dimension (W×D×H) 1430×600×750 mm
Net weight 80 kg
Gross weight 100 kg

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Fison Instruments Ltd

Fison Instruments Ltd


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