Automatic Water Sampler WS1801

Features :

  • Sample retention and acid addition function: sample preservation without deterioration and easy storage and transportation.
  • Automatic calibration: the sampling and retention volumes are automatically calibrated and the accuracy is not affected by the ageing of the peristaltic pump tube. No need for frequent manual calibration for more accurate sampling and sample retention.
  • Sample record function: records the bottle number, time, volume and measurement value of each sample. 2000 data records can be recorded.
  • Large colour screen:7″ TFT true colour touch screen, clear and beautiful interface display, easy menu operation.
  • Communication function: Remote reset, remote start sampling, remote parameter modification and remote extraction of sample records can be achieved through the RS232 interface of the instrument.

Specifications :

Sampling Interval 1min~999min
Storage Temperature of Water Sample 0°C-4°C
Airtightness of Piping Systems ≤-0.07MPa
Qty of Sample Bottles 25 Bottles
Single Retention Volume 10ml-1000ml
Average Power 75W
Retention Volume Error ±7%(200ml) Insulation
Operating Voltage AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Analogue Interface 4mA~20mA/O.5V-2.5V

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