Chromatography Column PC18

Features :

  1. It is an essential tool for alkali separation in various industries.
  2. Our columns are designed to provide efficient and accurate results while being compatible with a wide range of solvents.
  3. PC18 hplc column c18 adopts new end capping technology, silica hydroxyl activity is minimized, superior performance, high specific surface area, high retention and high sample loading capacity.
  4. It’s suit for the analysis of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, at the same time for the analysis of acidic, basic and neutral compounds have a good peak shape, suitable for 100% aqueous system.

Specifications :

Product Name  Chromatography Columns PC18
Length 250mm
Particle Size 5um
Diameter 4.6mm
Material Stainless Steel
pH Range 1~9
End Capping Yes
Packaging Color Paper Box
Bonding Phase Octadecyl (ODS)
Column Type Reversed-Phase
Application Hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, acidic, basic and neutral compounds
Pore Size 100A
Specific Surface Area 450m2/g
Carbon Content 16%

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