Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS1200

Features :

  • Gaseous pollutant monitoring uses UV differential method to measure the flue gas SO2 , NOX content; the O2 content is measured by electrochemical method or zirconium oxide.
  • The flue gas temperature is measured by a temperature sensor, the flue gas pressure is measured by a pressure sensor, the flue gas flow rate is measured by a Pitot tube, and the flue gas humidity is measured by a high-temperature capacitive humidity sensor.
  • And all the measurement signals are sent to the data acquisition and processing system.

Specifications :

Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS1200
Pretreatment Heat and Wet Method
Nitrogen Oxide Measurement Conversion Furnace
Pollutant Range SO2 0-100/200mg/m3
NOX 0-100/200mg/m3
O2   0-25%
Humidity Meter Measurement Heat Resistance Method Humidity Meter
Flowmeter Measurement Pitot Tube Flowmeter
Oxygen Content Zirconia

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