Continuous Emissions Monitoring System LD1200A

Features :

  • Sampling laser front scattering principle, ultra-high sensitivity, minimum detection limit of 0.1mg/m3.
  • The whole process of high temperature sampling and high temperature analysis and measurement, not affected by water vapor.
  • The unique patented technology of thermal conduction heating sampling rod, heating box build in a large diameter high
    temperature pneumatic ball valve, to achieve power outage and lack of air automatically disconnect the gas circuit to protect the detector, and can achieve the timed blowback system maintenance-free design.
  • High-sensitivity laser front scattering detector, and the use of the inner layer of smoke outer high-temperature gas curtain to protect the lens, for zero maintenance.

Specifications :

Product Name Continuous Emissions Monitoring System pm2.5 pm10 Particle Dust Monitor
Size 2000*1200*800mm/600*600*600mm
Weight 50KGS
Detection Gas PM2.5, PM10
Minimum Detection Limit 0.1mg/m3
Packing Wooden Case
Material Stainless Steel

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