DAD Intelligent Liquid Chromatography LC3201

Features :

  1. Mainstream split design, complete system testing function, to meet most testing needs;
  2. Customized acetonitrile-resistant check valve;
  3. The new cam curve design adopts electronic pulsation suppression technology and solvent
    compression compensation to further reduce pressure fluctuations and ensure higher repeatability of test results;
  4. Standard configuration of plunger rod online cleaning function;
  5. 1800L/mm grating imported from France;
  6. Optional UV, ELSD, FLD, DAD detectors from our company;
  7. Fully intelligent counter-control chromatography workstation;

Specifications :


Flow rate range 0.0001-10.000mL/min( increments :0.0001 mL/min)
Max operating Pressure 42MPa
Pressure pulsation <0.1MPa( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow accuracy ±0.2%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Flow precision RSD≤0.06%( Test condition: 10MPa , at 1.0ml/min methanol)
Gradient accuracy ±1%
Seal wash With programmable on-line seal wash module

Auto sampler

Injection Volume Precision <0.25%RSD( full loop) ; <0.5%RSD( partial loop) ; <1%RSD( no waste)
Linearity >0.999
Cross Contamination(Carry Over) <0.01%
Sample Capacity 120 samples( 1.5ml vials)
Syringe 250 μL( Standard, with 500μL,1000μL, 2500μL optionals)
Sample Loop 20μL( Standard, with 50μL, 100μL, 200μL optional)
Optional sample chamber cooler 4 °C ~ 30 °C(4 °C lowest)
Injection volume range 1-100 μL
Injection mode Full loop injection,partial loop injection,no waste injection

DAD Detector

Noise 1.5×10-5Au
Drift ≤1×10-3Au/h
LOD 5.0×10-9g/mL (naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength range 190-800n
Wavelength accuracy ≤±1 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ≤±0.1 nm
Linearity ≥1.0×104
Extend functions Wavelength bunching etc.

FLD Detector

Noise 1×10-5 Fu
Drift ≤2×10-4Fu/30min
LOD 5.0×10-10g/mL (naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength range 200-650nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ±0.2 nm
Linearity ≥1.0×104

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