Double System Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6600

Features :

  1. Ideal model for high efficiency, high sensitivity, high reliability ion chromatography; dual system one machine realizes yin and cation simultaneously;
  2. Conductance and electrochemical detectors meet the detection requirements of different substances;
  3. Can realize two-dimensional ion chromatography (valve switching) and post-column chemical derivatives;
  4. Dual system simultaneously detection design allows customers to maximize efficiency, further shorten detection time;
  5. Double pump, column temperature box, modular design of the crash generator, the user can choose the required system configuration;
  6. It can be equipped with high-end double pump double system detection, and can also customize single pump single system detection according to customer needs, and personalize your chromatography solution;

Specifications :

System Parameters
Qualitative repeatability ≤1%
Quantitative repeatability ≤1%
Pump System
Pump flow rate (0.001~12.000)mL/min
Pressure Resistance (0.001~12.000)mL/min
Flow rate setting error <0.1%
Flow rate stability <0.1%
Pressure display accuracy 0.01Mpa
Pressure pulsation <0.25%
Amperage Detector
Type Thin layer structure, automatic range
ve voltage range -2.048V—2.048V
Drive voltage resolution 0.001V
Output signal range 50pc—200uC
DC mode 1pA—74uA
Noise Integral mode <30pC
Cell volume <0.2uL
Min detection concentration I——0.001μg/mL
Min detection concentration Fructose – 0.01μg/mL
Min detection concentration CN——0.0005μg/mL
Constant current range 0-500mA
Dead volume 50uL
Suppressor volume 170ueq/min
Pressure resistance 3MPa
Column Oven
Temperature range Room +5°C~70°C
Temperature control stability ≤0.1℃
Temperature seeting error 0.05℃
Quantitative repeatability Full loop injection <0.5%RSD
Linear >0.9995
Injection positions 48 vials
Washing bit 2 bits (fine and coarse)
Working temperature 10-40℃
Injection volume 10uL—4000uL

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