Eddy Covariance Systems


Gas Analyzers

Begin with open-path and enclosed-path CO2 and H2O gas analyzers designed for basic eddy covariance systems and add the LI-7700 for methane flux measurements if needed.

CO2 and H2O Analyzers

  LI-7500DS Open Path Analyzer

Low power requirements and simple hardware at a low price. Precision, temperature-controlled optical filters make this gas analyzer the highest performing open path CO2/H2O gas analyzer available. Learn more

  LI-7200RS Enclosed Analyzer

An enclosed optical path with precision, temperature-controlled optical filters provide dependable gas density measurements—including dry mole fraction—in the most challenging outdoor environments. Learn more

CH4 Analyzer (optional)

  LI-7700 Open Path Analyzer

The LI-7700 adds methane flux measurements to eddy covariance systems. Methane data are time-synchronized and logged in eddy covariance data sets. Methane flux results are computed in real time on the SmartFlux® System.

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