Electrolyte Analyzer LZ-EA-A100

Features :

  • Compact design, economical and easy to use.
  • 7 Inch color touch screen, easy to operate and comprehensive parameters display.
  • Up to 50,000 test results can be stored.
  • Measuring technology: Ion Selective Electrode(ISE).
  • Analysis speed: ≤25 seconds.
  • Adopts advanced Ion selective electrode measurement technology.
  • Supportive software with automatic potential tracking correction.
  • Tiny air bubbles are monitred automatically ensuring measurement accuracy.
  • Wave flushing and pipeline flushing can avoid cross contamination.
  • Built with power off protection for proper storage of data, automatic fault alarm & elimination.
  • Low consumption and effective cost of consumables.

Specifications :

Sample Serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid, dilute urine
Measuring speed ≤25 sec
Analysis method Ion selective electrode
Sample Capacity 60 to 150µl
Sample position 26 positions (5 emergency, 2 QC positions)
Mode of Injection Manual or Automatic
Test Items K+, Na+, Cl
Measuring range
K+ 0.5 to 20.0mmol/L; Resolution- 0.01mmol/L
Na+ 15-200mmol/L; Resolution 0.1mmol/L
Cl 15-200mmol/L; Resolution 0.1mmol/L
Reagent Parameters
Component Drift correction solution A:350ml
slope correction solution:350ml
Electrode Activation fluid: 100ml
Cleaning Fluid: 100ml
Internal Correction solution: 100ml
Electrode cleaning fluid: 25mg*5
Diluent: 5mL*1
Filling solution in electrode 3ml*1
Reference solution 10ml*2
Precision repeatability CV≤3%, Batch Variations R≤3%
Accuracy Relative deviation ≤±5%
Sample Tray NA
Storage 50,000 test results
Display 7-inch touch screen
Calibration type Automatic or manual
Environmental conditions 10 to 30˚C, ≤80% RH, 86-106kPa
Printer Built-in thermal Printer
Interface RS232 port for LIS
Power 100 W
External Dimension 396x202x434 mm
Packing Dimension 390x500x530 mm (Instrument)
Gross Weight 13 kg (Instrument)
Net Weight 8.2kg
Electrical Requirement AC110V~240, 50/60GHz

Catalog : PDF


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