Engine Oil Noack Volatility Test Apparatus GD-H1311

Features :

  1. The latest technology: in place of the Method A, the test process does not require Wood Alloy to avoid environmental pollution and personal injury.
  2. Control mode: embedded operating system, high-speed microprocessor control, stable and reliable.
  3. Printing method: USB printer interface, RS232 interface.
  4. Touch screen: LCD display, convenient touch screen operation.
  5. Safety: Built-in diagnostic procedure and a variety of alarm functions.
  6. Accuracy control: built-in large-capacity EPROM, real-time recording of temperature and pressure values at each moment.
  7. Efficient carbon fiber heating tube, rapid heating, low thermal hysteresis and uniform heating.

Specifications :

  • GD-H1311
  • Applicable standards: ASTM D5800, DIN51581, NFT60616, CECC40A9S, SH/T0059.
  • Temperature control mode: digital display PID temperature control.
  • Temperature control range: normal temperature ~ 250 ± 0.5℃.
  • Heating method: metal bath heating.
  • Pressure regulation: high precision needle valve.
  • Suction method: vacuum pump.
  • Metal bath heating device, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Imported inclined tube differential pressure gauge to ensure accurate pressure.
  • The Noack Volatility Test Apparatus is equipped with a special vacuum pumping system.
  • Digital timer to record the test time.

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