Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer LZ-KA-A110

Features :

  • Fully Automatic, value added Distillation system.
  • Intelligent design of facilities around Kjeldahl Apparatus contains safety protection design and non-existence prompt function.
  • High titration accuracy, up to 2.0μL/step.
  • Automatic cleaning ensures safety of the operator and time saving.
  • External titration cup design ensures real time control of the whole test process.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring of distilled water; if the water falls outside of a predetermined range, the instrument shuts off.
  • High accuracy dozing and working.
  • Easy Maintenance, maximum safety for the operator.
  • Unmatched flexibility with a wide accessory range.

Specifications :

Measuring Range 0.1mg ~240mg N
Analysis time 5 – 10 min/ sample
Recovery ≥99.5%
Samples available Solid ≤ 5g; Liquid ≤20ml
Burette accurate 2.0μL/ step
Reproducibility ±1%
Water Consumption in the Distillation Process 1.5L/min
Data Storage 1000 groups
Power Supply 220 VAC±10%, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 2K W
Net Weight 38Kg
Dimensions 455 x 391 x 730 mm

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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