Helium Leak Test Equipment HLTE

Features :

  • The size of vacuum chamber can be customized according to the size of workpiece; the equipment size and layout can be customized according to the workshop;
  • It is equipped with a left-right sliding door and a platform outside the chamber, so that workpieces can get in and out of the chamber smoothly and conveniently;
  • There are several independent joints reserved in the chamber, so multiple workpieces can be detected at the same time;
  • The helium can be recycled, with a recovery rate as high as 96%, which can reduce the use-cost;
  • High-end configuration, standardized design and production, and stable and reliable performance;

Specifications :

Number of vacuum chammbers 1~6
Number of test pieces per chammber 1~6
Vacuum chamber volume 0.1-10000L, Accept Customized
Testing pressure ≤35Mpa
Detector leakge rate 1*10-4-1*10-9 Pa.m3/s
ecycling efficiency ≤98%
Vacuum chammber evacuation pressure ≤30Pa

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