High-Pressure Homogenizer LZ-HPH-A100

Features :

  • Core components include a machine base, an electric motor, a gearbox, a high-pressure pump, and homogenizing elements.
  • Fitted with a single-pole pressure regulator ensures convenient handling.
  • Suspended with a drainage control system to ensure worry-free cleaning.
  • Upgraded with a safety feature that automatically shutdown during power failure.
  • Always maintain the original activity, stability, miscibility, and easy absorption.
  • Pulse material discharge is attributed to insufficient valve sealing.
  • Plate used to connect the feed inlet.
  • Incorporated within the pressure transfer cylinder are both a miniature hole and a passage valve.

Specifications :

Capacity 20 L/H
Volume 150 ml
Maximum Pressure 1000 bar
Working Pressure 0-800 bar
Power 1.5 K -3 phase -380 V-50 Hz
Number Of Plunger 1
Plunger Diameter 12
Dimensions 535×700×500 mm
Net Weight 105 Kg
Gross Weight 125 kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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