HPLC Ion Chromatography Machine IC6200

Features :

  1. Intergrated design, LCD full touch GUI controller.
  2. High degree of automation, one key flushing, one key maintenance.
  3. Higher integration: support optional parts upgrade to 2D system and multi-detector coupling.
  4. All-plastic non-metallic flow path.
  5. Highly precise temperature control for the whole system.
  6. Precision PEEK material ion chromatography pump.
  7. Electrolytic self-regenerating membrane suppressor.
  8. High-precision temperature-controlled conductivity detector.
  9. Powerful and easy-to-use chromatography workstation.

Specifications :

Number of Samples 120 (2*60,2mL)
Syringe Specifications Standard: 500uL; Optional: 250uL, 1000uL, 2500uL
Quantitative Loop Standard: 100uL; Optional: 20uL, 50uL, 200uL
Injection Valve Switching Time <60ms
Position Control Accuracy <0.2mm
Minimum Refrigeration Temperature of Sample 4 ℃

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