Ion Chromatography Instrument IC6620

Features :

  1. Integral appearance and modular design, all-plastic flow path, no dissolution contamination and perfect flow path protection system.
  2. Integrated design of dual conductivity detectors, dual amperometric detectors, conductivity-amperometric detectors, dual flow path system, real-time temperature control, workstation (including real-time control and data processing), online degasification, drenching solution generator and other components.
  3. Built-in thermostat system with high precision temperature control for the whole system.
  4. Dual system detection maximizes detection efficiency and shortens detection time.

Specifications :

Working power 220V, 50HZ
Ambient temperature 10-40℃
Relative humidity 20-85%
Baseline noise ≤0.03%FS
Baseline drift ≤0.1%FS
TMinimum detectable concentration (Cl) ≤0.0001ug/mL
Minimum detectable concentration (Li) ≤0.00005ug/mL
Minimum detection concentration (NO3-) ≤0.001μg/mL
Detector Resolution 0.00238nS/cm

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