Metal Analysis Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2250

Features :

  1. Stability: Double-beam system can automatically compensate the light source drift and wavelength drift caused by the variation of temperature (with the function of the eliminating the affection of wavelength drift on the base line stability) and electronic circuit drift so as to reach a good basic line stability.
  2. Quickly: The cathode lamp needs not be pre-heated for long time and sample can be analyzed immediately. It is the preferable instrument chosen by users to conduct analysis of multiple kinds of elements and fast analysis of samples.
  3. High precision of measurement: Gas path system is equipped with precision pressure stabilizing and current stabilizing devices to reach stable flame and low noise. Specially designed fine light beam passes through the flame to ensure a high precision analytical test and low characteristic concentration.
  4. High energy optical path: A total reflection system is adopted to eliminate color difference in full range. By means of chemical conversion, a round light spot of the light source becomes a long light spot, which enters into the slit. Therefore the light flux of double beam is enhanced.
  5. Long-life and anti-corrosive atomization system:The burner is made of new type titanium alloys, anti-corrosive and fast thermal equilibrium. It meets the requirement of measurement sensitivity without water-cooling.
  6. Multi-functional analysis mode: for methods of flame absorption, flame emission, graphite furnace atomic absorption and hydride generation.

Specifications :

Metal Analysis Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2250

Wavelength range(nm) 185-910
Wavelength indication error(mm) ±0.15
Wavelength repeatability(nm) ≤0.05
Broadband deviation(nm) ±0.01
Resolution(%) ≤15
Instantaneous noise(Abs) ±0.0015
Zero drift(Abs/30min) ±0.001
Boundary energy:instantaneous noise(Abs) ≤0.01
Detection limit(Flame:Cu ug/mL)) ≤0.002
Apparent atomization rate(%) ≥12
Detection limit(Graphite Furnance: Cd pg) ≤0.2
Repeatability(Flame RSD%) ≤0.1
Repeatability(Graphite Furnance RSD%) ≤0.85
Linearity error(%) ≤2
Background correction capability ≥75

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