Power Supply Electrophoresis LZ-PES-A100

Features :

  • Automatic memory and automatic shut-off functions.
  • Equipped with function to monitor for over-voltage, voltaic arc, no load, sudden change of load, overload, and short circuit, assure safety.
  • Offer leakage protection, over-load, no-load.
  • Intuitive LCD display for readable voltage, current, time set.
  • Design with 4-group parallel connection with multi-electrophoresis unit.

Specifications :

Time Set 1min to 99h, 59 min
Display LCD
Voltage range 5 – 300 V
Control type Constant V, I, P
Output Range 4 groups
Storage Methods 10
Dimensions 280 x 237 x 118 mm
Weight 3.2 kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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