Sox Type Fat Extraction Instrument DRK-FX-D306

Features :

  • The instrument integrates core functions such as heating and temperature control, extraction, solvent recovery, and pre-drying, making it easy to do experiments.
  • Realize the whole process of hot immersion extraction, double heating of the collection bottle and extraction chamber, the extraction speed is fast, and the extraction time is 20%~80% shorter than the traditional Soxhlet extraction method.
  • The real national standard Soxhlet extraction method, the experimental data is true and reliable (the semi-automatic fat analyzer on the market is not Soxhlet extraction method, but hot soaking and leaching).
  • Supports various extraction methods such as Soxhlet hot extraction method, classic Soxhlet extraction method, hot extraction method, continuous extraction method, etc., with complete functions and a good helper for organic chemistry experiments.
  • The compression mechanism of the extraction chamber based on the lever principle has high reliability, leakage prevention, and safety guarantee (for the automatic fat meter motor in the market, it is easy to have problems when it is compressed).
  • Teflon pipe, non-common fluorine rubber pipe and silicone pipe are comparable
  • The extraction process can be paused and resumed at any time, flexible operation.
  • Heating method: metal bath heating method, faster heating and more stable temperature.
  • Anti-corrosion design: adopt PTFE spool valve, imported organic solvent-resistant pipe, anti-corrosion treatment for key parts.
  • Safety features: with functions such as condensate monitoring, ether leakage monitoring and temperature abnormal monitoring.
  • Operation mode: external controller, large screen display.

Specifications :

Measuring range

0.1-100% (related to the sample)

Number of channels

4 channels

Sample weight


Volume of extraction chamber


Receiving bottle volume


Solvent recovery rate


Extraction time

shortened by 20%~80%


≤1% (fat content 5%~100%)

Temperature range

room temperature~300℃

Temperature control accuracy


Plan storage


Total Load power


Operating Voltage

AC220V±10%   50Hz

Cooling water pressure


Cooling water temperature


Environment temperature


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