Stainless Steel Water Distiller LZ-SWD-A101

Features :

  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability for reliable operation.
  • Ensures industry-leading water purity through efficient distillation.
  • User-friendly controls for convenient operation.
  • Automatic water replenishment.
  • Instinctively restores power for water output.
  • The drain valve removes concentrated water, improving cleanliness.
  • Exhaust vent safely releases odors or gases, preventing contamination.

Specifications :

Capacity 20L\hr
Configuration Auto Sampler
Power supply Ac220v 50hz/ac380v 50hz
Power Consumption 15
Dimensions (L×W×H) 415x720mm
Net weight 11.3
Gross weight 12

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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