UV Visible Spectrophotometer UV5100

Features :

  • Ultra HD touch screen, integrated design of the machine and screen, convenient operation.
  • Unique optical system, 1200 line grating and high performance receiver ensure that the instrument has excellent performance indicators.
  • Plug-in deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp design, no optical adjustment when changing lamps.
  • Multiple interface configurations, can be linked to a computer to upgrade programs and download data, supports U disk storage.
  • High-performance quantitative methods with a variety of functions from simple concentration determination to complex quantitative calculations.
  • SiO2 protective film optics, all lenses use SiO2 protective film, reducing the influence of the optics by external gases and the environment, thus ensuring the high accuracy of the instrument.
  • The spectral bandwidth can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, which is highly practical in the market.

Specifications :

Detector Method Spectrophotometer
Working Principle Classic Spectrophotometer
Optical Band UV Spectrometer
Dispersion Components Grating Spectrometer
Beams Double Beam
Grating 1200 Lines
Bandwidth 2nm
Lamp Deuterium lamp, tungsten lamp

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