Wall Mounted H₂ Gas Detector LZ-HGD-A100

Features :

  • Fitted with LED lights, displays gas levels and simplifies status identification.
  • Easy calibration for improved accuracy.
  • Enhanced with an alarm system, notifies users with visual and audible alerts.
  • Incorporates communication interfaces like RS485.
  • Engineered for easy wall installation, ensuring efficient gas detection.
  • Compact and durable design for diverse industrial and commercial settings.

Specifications :

Measuring Range 0 to 1000ppm
Temperature Range -20℃ to 50℃
Resolution 1ppm
Response Time ≤40S
Humidity 15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)
Detect Gas H₂
Sensor Type Electrochemistry
Storage 3000 alarm records
Output Control Relay output (AC220V 10A), signal control (switch)
Installation Method Wall-mounted installation
Power Supply AC110-220V
Dimension 34.6 × 22.3 × 8.7cm
Weight 3.2kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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