Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WS1806

Features :

  • The sensors can be assembled and interchanged arbitrarily, plug and play, and the instrument has the function of automatic recognition;
  • Color touch screen and English operation interface make the operation easily;
  • With data storage, viewing and exhibition functions, the storage period can be customized;
  • The transmitter with IP65 protection level and the probe with IP68 protection level can meet various outdoor and indoor installation requirements.

Specifications :

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WS1806

Water Temperature

Principle of measurement Thermistors
Range 0℃~60 ℃
Accuracy ±0.5 ℃
MTBF ≥720 /times


Principle of measurement Glass electrode method
Range pH 0~14 (0~40 ℃)
Drift (pH=4, 7, 9) ±0.1 pH
Repeatability ±0.1 pH

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