18-Channel Food Safety Comprehensive Detector DRK-880A

Features :

  • Pesticide residue detection: vegetables, fruits, grains, tea, water, etc.
  • Formaldehyde detection: chilled aquatic products and their dried products, dried goods, etc. Such as chilled fish, beef louver, dried shrimp.
  • Detection of hanging white pieces: rice, noodles and soy products. Such as tofu, yuba, vermicelli, rice noodles, flour, steamed buns, noodles, sugar, mustard, etc.
  • Sulfur dioxide detection: dry goods and medicinal materials. Such as sugar, shrimps, winter bamboo shoots, white fungus, lotus seeds, longan, lychees, white melon seeds, candied fruit, day lily, Chinese medicinal materials, etc.
  • Nitrite detection: preserved food and meat products. Such as steaming, smoked ham, ham, sausage, pickles, fresh fish, milk powder, etc.
  • Nitrate: vegetables, etc.

Specifications :

1. Lower limit of determination:

Pesticide residues

 0.1~3.0 mg/kg


 5.00 mg/kg

Hanging white block

 25.0 mg/kg

Sulfur dioxide

 20.0 mg/kg


 2.00 mg/kg

Nitrate  5.00 mg/kg

2. Measuring range:

Pesticide residues

inhibition rate 0~100%


0.00~500.0 mg/kg

Hanging white block

0.00~2500.0 mg/kg

Sulfur dioxide

0.00~2000.0 mg/kg


0.00~500.0 mg/kg


0.00~800.0 mg/kg

Linearity error

0.999(National Standard Method),0.995(Fast Method)

Number of channels

18 channels

Measurement Accuracy


Measurement repeatability

< 1%

Zero drift


Working temperature

5~40 ℃



Main engine weight


Catalog : PDF


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