18-Channel Pesticide Residue Detector DRK-880

Features :

  • Large screen true color touch screen.
  • The measurement speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the fastest can be completed in one minute (the reaction time is freely set from 1-9 minutes).
  •  Eighteen-channel test technology, multi-channel simultaneous.
  • Using semiconductor light source and detector, no moving parts, good repeatability, and the service life is tens of thousands of hours.
  • Provide car power interface, suitable for mobile office.
  • Automatically save the measurement results, and automatically print in Chinese.
  • Complete accessories, no need to purchase other equipment to detect.
  • Technology to prevent forged detection data.
  • Have a complete client program and food safety monitoring system.
  • Powerful network processing technology, computer can generate test report, and start network transmission immediately, and feed back to food safety test information network.
  • Communication interface: standard RS232 serial port or USB interface.

Specifications :

Wavelength  410nm±2nm
Inhibition rate measurement range  0-100%
Zero transmittance drift  0.5%/3min
Light current drift  0.5%/3min
Minimum detection limit  0.2mg/L(Methamidophos)
Transmittance accuracy  ±0.5%
Measurement repeatability  0.3%
Error of each channel  0.5%
Detection time  1min
Dimensions  360×240×110(mm)

Catalog : PDF


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