A63.7062 Tungsten Filament Scanning Electron Microscope Eco. SEM

Specifications :

Resolution 4.5nm@30KV(SE); 6nm@30KV(BSE)
Magnification Negative Magnification: 15x~250000x; Screen Magnification: 30x~500000x
Electron Gun Tungsten Heated Cathode-Pre Centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
Accelerating Voltage 0~30KV
Lens System Three-level Electromagnetic Lens (Tapered Lens)
Objective Aperture Molybdenum Aperture Adjustable Outside Vacuum System
Specimen Stage Five Axes Stage
Travel Range X(Auto) 0~50mm
Y(Auto) 0~50mm
Z(Manual) 0~25mm
R(Manual) 360º
T(Manual) -5º~90º
Max Specimen Diameter 150mm
Detector SE: High Vacuum Secondary Electron Detector (With Detector Protection)
Modification Stage Upgrade;EBL;STM;AFM;Heating Stage;Cryo Stage;Tensile Stage;Micro-nano Manipulator;SEM+Coating Machine;SEM+Laser
Accessories CCD,LaB6,X-Ray Detector(EDS),EBSD,CL,WDS,Coating Machine
Vacuum System Turbo Molecular Pumps;Rotation Pump
Electron Beam Current 10pA~0.1μA
PC Customized Dell Work Station
Model No A63.7062
Standard Magnification 5x-250000x
Head Inclination 90°
Head Interpupillary 54-75mm
Head Specifications 4.5nm@1KV(SE)


Objective Detector SE
Working Stage Spec. Five Axes Stage(Auto X/Y, Manual Z/R/T), Max Specimen Dia. 150mm
Transmit Light Tungsten Filament Catridge, Voltage 0-30KV
Other Specification Turbo Molecular Pump, Mechanical Pump


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