Adult Human Torso Advanced R&D


Features Included:

  • Beating heart with access to intravenous catheter insertion
  • Beating heart model with the cyclic motion of the heart walls
  • Average heart rate (70 BPM)
  • Adjustable heart rate (0 BPM – 140 BPM)
  • Chambers fillable with water without air pockets
  • Asymmetrical heart motion between left and right chambers
  • Customization around Heart: Aortic aneurysm extended below the heart
  • Hemorrhages in the liver, pericardium, and urinary bladder
  • Tumors: bile duct obstructing the bile outflow, left renal tumor, and anal tumor
  • Enlarged axillary lymph nodes on one side and normal on the other
  • Customized Colon polyps inside intestines
  • Size: 85 x 46 x 26 cm(approx.) Weight: 40 Kgs (approx.).

Your order will Include:

  • Adult male Torso – Advanced for R&D
  • Heart pump and accessories
  • User Manual
  • Hard carry case (optional)


“Adult Human Torso – Advanced R&D” is a lifelike phantom/simulator, anatomically correct, from neck to pelvic area with all the essential organs present inside. This phantom can be made compatible with Ultrasound, X-RAY CT, and MRI. It is an ideal tool for conducting medical research under the guidance of medical imaging. The organs, bones, and body tissue mimics closely that of an adult human body.

  • It can be customized to be compatible with Ultrasound, X-RAY CT, and MRI.
  • Appearance can be customized to mimic skin color or transparent/see-through.

You can select anatomically correct & realistic organs(soft tissues and bones) for carrying out your project-based research and development.

Anatomy Included:

  • Bones: rib cage, spine, pelvis bone
  • Soft Tissues: heart phantom, realistic liver, kidney, lungs, large & small Intestines, bladder, stomach, diaphragm, spleen, pancreas, psoas major muscles
(These organs can be modified, added, or removed to suit the precise need of your application).
Catalogue: PDF
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