Adult Skull with Brain


Adult Human Skull with brain Phantom is similar to our Head Phantom without the skin mimicking tissue. It can serve multiple purpose(s) such as medical imaging research & treatment planning of non-invasive HIFU brain surgeries.

The design of the skull phantom is based on an average human male skull and it is made out of realistic patented bone material that is suitable for Ultrasound, MRI and CT applications (any other part of the skull can be fabricated based on the customer order). The brain inside this phantom is similar to our standard brain phantom with an addition of brain blood vessels and bifurcation feature.
The skull phantom has a realistic three-layered structure and the inner porosity can be adjusted according to the requirement of the particular project.
As mentioned above, the phantom is visible on Ultrasound, MR and CT scans. The brain parenchyma inside of the skull phantom is made of an ultra-soft polyurethane-based material that mimics soft tissue and its anatomical shape was created based on the optical scan of an average human brain model used in the anatomy class for medical students. The materials used to build the phantom are stable over time and they do not dry out.
The phantom comprises the entire ventricular system (lateral, third and fourth ventricles) which can be used to generate pressure inside the brain, and more closely approximate real cerebral anatomy. The ventricles are inflatable and can be filled with any liquid.
Prior to imaging the phantom please fill the ventricles completely with water (or chosen contrast agent) using the tube on the back of the brain. After the ventricles are filled, plug the tube with a removable blue silicone plug.


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