Aerosol Lidar Sampling Instruments LR7300

Features :

  • Modular product design, small size and light weight of the whole machine, especially suitable for mobile deployment.
  • Reliable protection for indoor and outdoor use in different weather conditions, without the need for a station or square cabin protection.
  • The product adopts high-precision optomechanical design, ultra-low noise photodetector, and high-resolution acquisition card to ensure excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the echo signal.
  • Advanced algorithm design ensures the accuracy of inversion results and provides reliable data support for atmospheric environment monitoring.
  • Inline data monitoring platform to achieve data integration of different devices at different sites and maximize data networking.

Specifications :

Size 1100×1000×660mm Weight 70KG
Gas Detector PM2.5, PM10 Product Name Aerosol Lidar Sampling Instruments LR7300

Catalog : PDF




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