Air Permeability Meter DRK121

Features :

That is, under specified conditions, the average air flow rate per unit area of ​​paper passing through unit time and unit pressure difference.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Measuring range 0-17ųm/(Pa.s)
Test area 10.0±0.05cm
Measurement Accuracy Less than 100ml, the volume error is 1ml, greater than 100ml, the volume error is 5ml
Differential pressure on the sample 1.00±0.01kPa4
Sample size 60*100 mm
The coaxiality of the center hole of the upper and lower clamp ring should not exceed 0.05mm
Instrument dimensions 350*250*1160mm
Quality About 32kg
Environment Place on a solid and stable workbench in a clean air environment at room temperature of 20±10°C

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