Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments YC7500

Features :

1. Telemetry mainframe
Stainless steel 304, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion can work normally in rain and snow.
2. Telemetry auxiliary machine
Adopt high precision processing emitting lens and anti-corrosion coating technology to ensure accurate, stable and reliable measurement optical path.
3. Speed/acceleration measurement system
By using high precision speed radar, it provides effective data support for more accurate measurement of vehicle emission indicators.
4. Environmental meteorological parameter measurement system
Adopt high precision sensors to measure wind speed, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other environmental parameters in real time to provide equipment operation environment meteorological information for telemetry data analysis and ensure stable and reliable operation of equipment.
5. Intelligent License Plate Recognition System
Adopt high-definition video capture camera, high-definition lens and fill light, through intelligent license plate recognition algorithm, it can realize license plate capture, video capture video storage and other functions.
6. Motor vehicle exhaust data information control platform
To achieve the exhaust gas parameter system hardware equipment control drive, sensor data collection, information analysis and processing, data preservation network upload and other functions, can achieve the motor vehicle screening, exhaust gas measurement, license plate capture, over the standard law enforcement and other functions.

Specifications :

Measurement Components Measurement Range Measurement Error
CO (0~10) % ≤10%
CO2 (0~16) % ≤10%
HC (0~10000) x10-5 ≤15%
NO (0~10000) x10-5 ≤10%
Opaque Smoke Level 1-100% ≤5%
Smokiness Factor 0-50
Light Absorption Coefficient 0-16m
Response Time 0.7s
Speed Range Speed/Acceleration Systems
Speed Measurement Accuracy 1-100km/h
Technical Parameters of the License Plate Recognition System Speed:1-50km/h Speed: 50-100km/h
Error: ±1.5km/h Error: ±3km/h
Technical Parameters of the License Plate Recognition System
Vehicle image Capture Rate >98%
Vehicle License Plate Recognition Rate >95%

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