Ambient Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer AQ7020

Features :

  • Color screen display, touch screen operation.
  • With the function of environmental parameter compensation.
  • Adaptive filtering optimizes response time.
  • Support for remote calibration, parameter diagnostics.
  • Built-in memory for three months of average data.

Specifications :

Product Name Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Instruments
Test Item NO, NOx
Test principles Chemiluminescence
Range 0~500 ppb
Zero Noise ≤1 ppb
Minimum Detection Limit ≤2 ppb(2σ)
Range Noise ≤5 ppb
Error of Measurement ±2% F.S.
20% Range Precision ≤5 ppb
80% Range Precision ≤10 ppb
24h Zero Drift ±5 ppb

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