Anaerobic Incubator DRK659

Features :

1. The anaerobic incubator is composed of a culture operation room, a sampling room, a gas circuit and a circuit control system, and a deoxidizing catalyst.
2. The product uses advanced scientific methods to achieve high precision in an anaerobic environment, which is convenient for operators to operate and cultivate anaerobic bacteria in an anaerobic environment.
3. The temperature control system adopts microcomputer PID intelligent controller, high-precision digital display, which can accurately and intuitively reflect the actual temperature in the training room, plus effective temperature limit protection device (over-temperature sound, light alarm), safe and reliable; training room Equipped with illuminating lamp and equipped with ultraviolet sterilization device, it can kill harmful bacteria in dead corners in the working room and effectively avoid bacterial contamination.
4. The gas circuit device can adjust the flow arbitrarily, and can effectively control the safe gas input with different flow rates. The operating room is made of high-quality stainless steel plates. The observation window is made of high-strength special glass. The operation uses special gloves, which are reliable, comfortable, flexible and easy to use. The operation room is equipped with a deoxidizing catalyst.
5. It can be equipped with RS-485 communication interface for connecting to a computer or printer (optional).

Specifications :

Serial Number Project Parameter
1 Temperature Control Range Room temperature+5-60℃
2 Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
3 Temperature Fluctuation ±0.1℃
4 Temperature Uniformity ±1℃
5 Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
6 Power 1500W
7 Operating Hours 1-9999 minutes timing or continuous
8 Studio Size mm 820*550*660
9 Overall Dimensions mm 1200*730*1360
10 Anaerobic State Time of Sampling Chamber <5 minutes
11 Anaerobic State Time in Operation Room <1 hour
12 Anaerobic Environment Maintenance Time When the operation room stops replenishing trace gas> 12 hours

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