Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Machine AA2200

Features :

  1. Flame graphite furnace integrated machine;
  2. The automatic switching function of optical double beam and electronic double beam realizes high stability and high sensitivity measurement;
  3. The optimized fourth generation aberrational C-T monochromatic reduces stray light by 10%;
  4. With the improvement of optical installation mode and coating technology, the fourth generation total reflection double-beam optical path system improves the stability of optical path and brings excellent optical performance with 15% increase in luminous flux;
  5. The explosion-proof corrosion-resistant material atomizing chamber adopts all-titanium combustion burner to ensure the durability of flame analysis;

Specifications :

Wavelength range(nm) 185-900
Boundary energy:instantaneous noise(Abs) ≤0.02
Detection limit(Flame:Cu ug/mL)) ≤0.002
Apparent atomization rate(%) ≥8
Detection limit(Graphite Furnance: Cd pg) ≤0.3
Repeatability(Flame RSD%) ≤0.2
Repeatability(Graphite Furnance RSD%) ≤1.5
Linearity error(%) ≤10

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