Auto Chemistry Analyzer LZ-ACA-A102

Features :

  • Efficiently manages inventory to reduce costs.
  • Discrete, random access, fully automated.
  • Utilized premium quality components.
  • Probe with anti-collision and liquid-level detection function.
  • Automatic probe washing system.
  • Optional external barcode reader.
  • Reversed optic system with 8 wavelengths.
  • Equipped with refrigerated reagent and sample compartment.
  • Easy to use English operating system.
  • RS232 interface, remote print report, permanent data save option.
  • Real time monitoring of sample tray, reagent tray, reacting tray, temperature, reagent allowance , curve, calibration curve and quality control chart.
  • Optional acid and alkali cleaning solution.
  • Double mixing bar to prevent cross contamination.
  • Quality control rules are arbitrarily formulated by default to Westgard multiple rules.
  • Calibration type: Linear and Non linear.

Specifications :

Throughput 300 tests/ hour
Sample Volume 2 to 30 µl; 0.1µl increment
Reagent Volume 20-300µl; 0.1µl increment
Sample Positions 120
Reagent Positions 80
Analysis Method Endpoint, Fixed-time, Rate (Kinetic), Turbidimetry, Absorbance Photometry, Single and dual reagent chemistries
Wavelength 340,405,450,510,546,578,630,670nm
Absorbance 0 to 3.8 Abs
Reaction Time 15mins
Minimum Reaction Volume 150µl
Temperature 15°C ~ 30°C
Humidity ≤ 85%
Water Consumption 18L/hour; De-ionized water
Cuvettes 81; plastic (quartz glass can be selected)
Light Source Halogen lamp; ≥2000hours
Refrigeration System Water medium unfirom refrigeration technology
Reagents Storage Temperature 4 ~ 16
Reaction Temperature 37 ±0.2
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.1
Interface RS232
Power Consumption 1000 W
Power Supply 200 ~240V, 50-60Hz
Dimensions ( W x D x H) 978 x 784 x 773 mm
Net Weight 90 kgs
Gross Weight 129 kgs

Catalog : PDF


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