Auto COC Cleveland Flash & Fire Point Tester GD-3536ZD

Features :

Application of flash point tester:

In practical applications, flash point tester has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Petrochemical industry. In the petrochemical production process, many chemicals are flammable and explosive, so it is necessary to carry out flash point testing on these chemicals to ensure the safety of the production process.

2. Auto repair industry. In the process of automobile engine maintenance, it is necessary to detect the quality and performance of fuel to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, and the flash point tester is often used in this process.

3. Safety monitoring. In some public places, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, there are often gas leaks or flammable gases in sewage, if not detected in time, it will seriously threaten people’s life safety. The flash point tester can detect the concentration of these dangerous gases and issue an alarm or take other measures to prevent accidents.

Main testing method of flash point tester:

The flash point tester has closed cup method and open cup method, mainly determined by the nature of petroleum products and conditions of use. Light petroleum products with high evaporability are usually determined by closed-mouth cup method. For most lubricants and heavy oils, especially when used in non-airtight parts or under low temperature conditions, even a small amount of light blends will evaporate during use and will not pose a risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, these products are determined by the open-mouth cup method. Oil flash point measurement can reflect the quality of petroleum products, but also can find out whether there is a risk of fire.

Specifications :

  • GD-3536ZD
  • GOLD
  • GD-3536ZD

Parameters of flash point tester:


1 Working voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2 Working power not higher than 700W
3 Flash point and fire point detection range (79 ~ 400)℃, the sample can be heated to 400℃
4 Temperature measurement resolution ±0.1℃
5 Display mode 7-inch high resolution 800*480Pixels LCD touch screen
6 Ignition method electronic silicon-carbon ignition technology, electronic flame, test without gas
7 Temperature measurement method special Class A Pt100 platinum resistance is used for temperature measurement
8 Flash point and ignition point detection method UV flame detector detection
9 Test heating rate 14 ~ 17℃/min, 5~6℃/min (automatic adjustment and self-switching)
10 Minimum heating time of ignition rod 5 ~ 12 seconds adjustable
11 Test lag temperature 5 ~ 80℃ adjustable

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