Auto Ref Keratometer FKR 710

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1.R/L fully automated measurement

2.Easy-to-Use Color Touchscreen Control Panel

3.Flexible and Space Saving Layout

4.The adjustable control panel can be positionedin any direction

5.Reliable Measurement

6.Print and Auto-Cut Data Paper


Configuration Specifications
Measurementmode(Only FKR-710) K&R mode Diopter and corneal curvature measurements
REF mode Diopter measurement
KRT mode Corneal curvature measurement
CLBC mode Contact lens curvature
Diopter measurment Vertex distance (VD ) 0mm,12.0mm,13.75mm,15.00mm
Spherical refractive power -25.00D ~ 20.00D
Cylindrical refractive power 0D ~ 8D
Direction of astigmaticxis 0°~ 180°
PD measurement 45mm ~ 85mm
Minimum pupíl diameter ф2.0mm
Corneal curvature radius Corneal measurement 5.5mm~ 10mm
Direction of corneal astigmatic axis 0°~ 180°
Corneal diameter 2.0mm ~ 12.0mm
Product specifications Monitor 9 “Touch LCD monitor
Printer Imported Thermal Printer
Saving mode 1/5/10/20/40 minutes automatic screensaver
Power supply AC110V~ 230V; 60/50HZ 75VA
Dimensions/Weight 300(W)”450(D)’500-530(H)mm/20Kg


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Auto Ref Keratometer FKR 710

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