Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer GD-R3027

Features :

1.Computer control, automatic measurement, automatic calculation results.
2.The air flow is measured and controlled by digital mass flow meter.
3.The Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer is designed and manufactured completely in accordance with ASTM and IP testing standards.
4.The gas phase processor of semiconductor refrigeration has fast cooling speed.
5.It adopts the Cadon Fisher glass reaction test tube with easy operation.
6.Luer type sintering filter, filled with special adsorbent.
7.It adopts the Cadon H2S200 detection system for direct reading.
8.Quick Screwing gland self-sealing.

Specifications :

Model GD-R3027 Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer
Applicable standards ASTM D7621; ISO 8217; IP 570
Measuring range 0-250mg/kg H2S
Operating temperature 15~30℃,RH80%
Viscosity range Up to 3,000mm2/s
Inspecting mode Electrochemistry sensor
Test time 15 minutes
Sampling volume 1ml, 2ml, 5ml (According to the concentration of H2S)
Diluted doses 20mL
Working power supply AC220V±10V 50Hz
Engine power 300W
Instrument dimensions 420*500*340mm
Net weight 20KG

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