Automatic Asphalt Vacuum Capillary Viscometer Tube Washer GD-0620-3

Features :

  1. Capillary Viscometer Washer adopts SCM technology, the software program automatically finish capillary viscometer internal cleaning and drying, to realize automatic capillary viscometer cleaning.
  2. It has a wide range of applications, especially for the capillary viscometer with two-port and reverse flow.
  3. There are 4 cleaning holes. When 1 tube is cleaning, other 3 tubes can be heated and insulted.
  4. High degree of automation, reasonable structure, simple operation, can meet the requirements of petrochemical, electric power, railway, commodity inspection, military and scientific research units for the cleaning and drying of capillary viscometers for petroleum and asphalt products.
  5. The main feature is that full-time automatic cleaning and drying of various capillary  viscometers.

Specifications :

  • GD-0620-3.
  • Temperature control range of water bath:  room temperature ~ 90℃.
  • 2. Cleaning holes:  4.
  • 3. Ambient temperature:  Room temperature ~ 35℃.
  • 4. Relative temperature:  ≤85%.
  • 5. Power supply:  AC(220±10)V, 50Hz.
  • 6. Total power consumption:  no more than 700W.
  • 7. Dimensions:  380mm*380mm * 650mm (length* width * height without suction).
  • 8. Net weight:  28.5kg (without suction device).

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