Automatic Azotometer LZ-AA-B108

Features :

Suitable or both manual and automatic mode function.
Designed with digital-display temperature-controllable digestion furnace optional.
Can meet the storage of 20 groups of experimental procedures.
Automatic cleaning titration.

Specifications :

Samples 8 samples/batch
Digital Digest Furnace Yes
Range 0.1 to 240 mgN (nitrogen content 0.02 to 95%)
Distillation Rate 3 to 7 min/ sample
Sample Quantity solid ≤5g/unit, liquid ≤15ml/unit
Recovery ≥99.5 %
Repeatability ≤ ±1 %
Cooling Water Capacity 1 to 2 L/min
Power 1600 W
Electrical Supply 220V 50Hz
External Dimension 775×380×330 mm
Weight 28 kg

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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