Automatic PMCC Pensky Martens Closed Cup Apparatus GD-261D

Features :

1. Using 32-bit ARM processor, high-precision AD chip, test data and state parameters are recorded in real time and displayed with curves.
2. Equipped with a bluetooth interface, unlimited cloud storage of data, and test data can be inquired anytime, anywhere.
3. The pmcc pensky martens closed cup apparatus can be automatically upgraded remotely to obtain the latest version, remote prediction, abnormal early warning, comprehensive evaluation and maintenance of the operating status of the instrument.
4. Automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure and automatic correction of flash point value.
5. The temperature rise, cover opening, ignition, detection and printing data are automatically completed, and the test arm automatically rises and falls.
6. Electronic ignition, gas flame, automatic air cooling at the end of the test.

Specifications :

  • GD-261D
  • GOLD

The main function of flash point measurement is to ensure the storage, transportation and use of liquid oil, that is, below this temperature, the concentration of light components that may evaporate does not reach the threshold of explosion.

The open cup flash point refers to the results measured by the coc open flash point apparatus called the open cup flash point, usually it is used for the determination of lubricating oil and other non-volatile solid materials.

The closed cup flash point refers to the the results measured by the pmcc pensky martens closed cup apparatus, usually it is used to measure kerosene, diesel, transformer oil and other volatile liquid materials.

Remarks: for the same oil product, the result determined by open cup method is 10-30 °C higher than that by closed cup method, because the oil and gas vaporized by open cup method is dispersed at any time during the heating process of oil test, and the temperature is higher when it reaches the mixture concentration required by flash fire.

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