Automatic Pour Point Tester ASTM D97 GD-103

Features :

1. Embedded computers, 10.4 -inch LCD display, full English operating system, touch screen control, and all experimental processes are automatically completed after the sample is installed.
2. Metal bath, superficial refrigeration technology, fast cooling speed.
3. Double bath, double -hole, bath temperature control alone, can detect two sets of data at the same time.
4. The sample is determined all temperature in a bath .
5. Single -chip control can automatically cool down, automatically complete the sample lift, tilt, automatic detection, judgment, calculation, record test results, and test results can be printed.
6. It has the function of fast detection. Fast method: The lowest cold bath temperature can be set according to the expected pour point to quickly cool down the sample and shorten the test time.
7. Optoelectronics detection technology is used to observe the surface changes on the oil.
8. The faults that occur during the test can be displayed through the status bar on the main interface to facilitate maintenance.
9. The imported glass temperature sensor is used. The thermal conductivity is consistent with the thermometer of the mercury glass, and the results are more accurate.
10. It has a variety of communication interfaces of RS-232, mesh, USB, and port. It has data transmission functions. It can be connected to Lims through RS-232 and mesh.
11. The instrument control software can be upgraded, and the U disk can be automatically upgraded at the USB port.

Specifications :

  • GD-103
  • GOLD

Technical parameters:

1. Minimum measurement point: -56 ℃
2. Temperature control range:+48 ℃ ~ -70 ℃
3. Bath temperature control accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃
4. Calling speed: drop from 48 ° C to -70 ° C ≤15 minutes
5. The bath temperature decreases 17 ° C ≤150 seconds
6. Time to stop: > 30min
7. Test holes: 2 holes
8. Power: 1800W
9. Dimensions: 700 × 550 × 640 (mm)
10. Weight: 40kg
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