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Automatic Rotary Agitator FM-ARA-A101


  •   High quality stainless steel design, long service life
  •   Organic glass window to observe bottles rotation
  •   LCD display to view test parameters
  •   15 to 45 rpm, adjustable rotation speed
  •   Upside and downside buckles to perfectly fix sample bottles
  •   Rotation types: – Positive rotation, reverse rotation, positive-reverse rotation, high and low speed rotation
  •   Advance seepage proof micro hole design
  •   First class brake device, 72 hours continuous rotation without problem


Vessel (bottles) loaded 8 pcs
Bottle capacity 2 L
Bottle type PE bottle or Glass bottle
Rotation method (Positive 360° over turn rotations for 2 mins and stop for 5 seconds) (Reverse for 3 min and stop for 5 seconds)
Rotation speed Adjustable, 15 to 45 rpm
Rotation accuracy ± 1 rpm
Display LCD display
Time setting Minute/hour setting, 1-24 hour for alternative, accuracy to minute
Temperature RT to 65°C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Dimension 978 × 530 × 700 mm
Net weight 74 kg
Power 650 W
Power supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz

Catalogue: PDF


Fison Instruments Ltd

Fison Instruments Ltd


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