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Automatic Tissue Slide Stainer FM-ATS-A101


  •   A fully automated unit with intelligent dynamic detection function, prevents tissue damage
  •   18 cups capacity with 1000 ml each and 0 to 99 mins of processing time
  •   Intelligent key function, performs operation normally with touch function damage
  •   Self-detection function, prevents abnormal protection of card cylinder
  •  Fully sealed internal circulation system with activated carbon filter
  •   Ionized decomposition of harmful gases, ensures user safety from toxic gases
  •   7 inch color touch screen, convenient and easy setting/ monitoring of parameters
  •   Programmable stepper motor driver, accurate and reliable results
  •   Pump-free and sensor-free automatic drainage, prevents overflow
  •   Automatic flushing with any cylinder start/stop operation function
  •   Special drying cylinder and dyeing hanging back lateral transmission, high accuracy
  •   Warm-up setting with automatic water feeding and open dyeing steps
  •   Automatic data storage with power failure, and more than 24 sets of programmable orders
  •   Offers consistency of technique by eliminating personal variation
  •   An ideal unit for reproducible, consistent high-quality staining


Cup number 18 (1 for washing and 18 for drying)
Cup capacity 1000 ml
Cup processing time 0 to 99 min
No. of slides processed 75 slides
Jitter number 15 s/time
Dripping time Adjustable
Display 7 inch color touch screen
Purification system Fully sealed internal circulation system
Filter Activated carbon filter
Drying function Automatic
Water influx/efflux/drainage control system Automatic
Data storage Automatic
Motor drive Programmable stepper motor driver
Programmable order 24
Power supply AC 220 ± 10%, 50 ± 1 Hz
Power ≤ 500 W
Dimension (W×D×H) 1300×600×600 mm
Packaging dimension (W×D×H) 1380×680×740 mm
Net weight 83 kg
Gross weight 115 kg

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Fison Instruments Ltd

Fison Instruments Ltd


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