Automatic Vacuum Leak Detector VLD

Features :

  • The size of Accept your customized sizes of vacuum chamber, equipment size and layout.
  • High-end configuration, standardized design and production, and stable and reliable performance;
  • The multi-chamber linkage design can realize flexible production, and the production rhythm can reach 6PPM-20PPM per unit;

Specifications :

Workpiece Metal bipolar plates, Membrane electrode
Product Size 4500*2000*2000mm/Customized
Power 20KW
Weight 3000KG/Depends on real item
Leak detector opening detecting pressure ≤30pa
Workpiece Evacuation pressure ≤2000pa
Helium leak detector parameters Display ranges 1.0*10-3~10-13 Pa.m3/s
Minimum detectable leakage rate 5*10-13 Pa.m/s
Response Time <1S
Leak rate control setting Set up on the system according to your process requirements
Overkill Rate ≤1%
Leakage rate 0
Equipment failure rate ≤1%
Yield rate ≥99.9%
Leak detection tempo ≥3PPM
Motro Power 600 W
Ultimate pressure 1000 Pa

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