Automatic Weather Station RK900-01

Features :

  • High accuracy.
  • Strong resistance to harsh environment.
  • Strong corrosion resistant ability.
  • Automatic storage and backup.
  • Convenient data download.
  • All-metal construction of bracket.
  • Solar power supply optional.
  • Free PC software.

Specifications :

Parts Details Note
Data logger Meteorological data collection, display, storage and communications  
Sensors & cable Wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture,etc. (Optional according to user’s requirements)  
Meteorological monitoring software Use to real-time display, analysis and storage data on the PC Attached
Multi-plate radiation shield Used to install the atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity and atmospheric  pressure sensors  
Tripod & accessories Height: 2.5m typ.,304SS  or
Height: 10m(4m+3m+3m) steel with coating is optional
other height is optional
Protective box Used to install data logger,solar charge controller and battery, stainless steel or steel with coating  
110VAC/220VAC adapter Optional when using AC power supply  
RS485 cable 2m  
RS485 converter Signal Conversion for RS485  
U disk Used for data storage optional
GPRS module Used for wireless data transmission, need to match with the local mobile communication network optional
WIFI module Used for wireless data transmission,need for wireless networking optional
Ethernet module Used for wireless data transmission,need for cable network optional
LED screen Size and display content can be customized optional
Solar power supply system Include photovoltaic panels(30W), solar charge controller, 25AH battery(Can’t be transported by air. Suggest users to bring their own) optional
Lightning protection device Contain the lightning rod, connecting wires and grounding angle steel optional
Windbreak wire Used for fixing 10m support rod  
Base fixed steel cage Used for fixing 10m support rod

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