Automatic Wheel-Track Tester GD-0719A

Features :

1. PWM temperature control. It can control: (1) Water temperature in chamber during water immersed wheel track test
(2)Ambient temperature of constant temperature chamber at a time.
2. The constant temperature chamber adopts outside circulatory heating mode. The uniformity and stability is good. No overshoots.
3. It shows time- displacement curves and time- temperature curves during a test.
4. It equips an absolute temperature sensor. No temperature drift in a long time test.
5. The mechanical structure adopts wheel movement mode.
6. One wheel tester. It can determine both water immersion test or no water immersion test.

Specifications :

Model GD-0719A
Sample size 300mm×300mm×(30~200)mm (Grinding wheel molding)
300mm×15mm×50mm(Cutting on site)
Working mode Rod drive
  Rubber hardness 78±2 at 60℃,international standard.
  Test wheel movement 230mm±10mm
Grinding rate  (42±1)times/min (21 times of returns/min)
Loading device (0.7MPa~1.3 MPa)±0.05Mpa when CPRESS is at 60℃
Displacement measuring range  0mm~30mm
Displacement measuring accuracy <0.01mm
Wheel track test time 60 minutes~240 minutes. 60 minutes is standard
Temperature controle for constant temperature chamber Ambient temp.~80℃,precision ±0.3℃
Deformation measurement Precision 0.3%,minimum division 0.005mm.
Test temperature  45℃~85℃, precision 0.5℃
Working environment Temperature 0℃~50℃,RH ≤90%
Drive motor power 0.75kW,1450r/min
Power supply   3 phases and four lines. Power 3.5KW,The yellow line is working zero line
Dimension 1510mm×740mm×146mm
Net weight About 0.5 T

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