Bituminous Mixtures Bending Beam Rheometer GD-0728

Features :

  1. It adopts advanced sensor technology and micro-computer processing technology. It has functions of parameters setting, measurement calibration, automatic test control, automatic data collection and real-time clock.
  2. It can collect the creep value and test temperature at the same time and looking for the stability region of bending creep. The deformation value, test temperature, curves, result and time will be shown on the LCD directly.
  3. It can store 100 groups of test data. Operator can check them at any time.
  4. It equips a RS232 communication port to achieve communicating with PC. Data process, store, print and display can be done by the computer. The whole procedures can be operated by the computer too.
  5. The Bending Beam Rheometer adopts temperature control combining electric heating with compressor refrigeration. The temperature control accuracy is high.

Specifications :

  • GD-0728.
  • Loading capacity:  5kN.
  • Measuring range:  0mm~20mm (mid-span deflection).
  • Measuring bias:  ≤±0.01mm.
  • Lifting speed of pressure machine:  (50±5) mm/min.
  • Temperature control range:  -2℃~60℃.
  • Temperature control bias:  ≤±0.5℃.
  • Motor power:  90W.
  • Compressor power:  1kW.
  • Heating power:  2kW.
  • Pump power:  45W.
  • Communication port:  RS232.
  • Power supply:  AC (220±10%)V,50Hz.
  • Net weight:  86kg.

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