Blood Collection Chair PKL PPC BK-BC100

Features :

* Manual or electric control type for your choice.

* Made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint, more durable, easy to clean.

* Designed with people-oriented idea, to meet the donor’s sense of security and comfort, to alleviate the psychological pressure, to ensure an easier and enjoyable process.

* Mattress using a high-quality medical polyurethane foam molding leather, easy for clean and maintenance, anti-static and anti-fouling properties superior to other similar products.

Specifications :

Model PKL PPC BK-BC100
Seat Section Size(mm) 1800*580
Seat Section Height(mm) 500
Backing Board Turning Angle 20°-70°
Chair Backward and Forward Tilt Angle 8°-15°
Leg Plate Turning Angle 20°-75°
Handrail Swing Out Angle 0°-30°
Handrail’s Moving Distance 100mm
Handrail Board Size 450*160mm
Lifting Speed No
Power Supply No
Reading Lamp Power No
Standard Accessories Hand operation,  handrail rack, small table
Optional Accessories LED hose-type reading lamp; movable assistant desk; soft velvet cover
Load Capacity 160kg
Gross Weight 65kg

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